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Dearest Friends,

I need your help. I am lazy. I need a picture of a tan M&M with which to embellish this page. I'm sure there's one out there somewhere, but like I said, I'm lazy. So here's the "contest:" find (or create) a picture of the now-deceased tan M&M, and send me, the Julia at, the file as an attachment, or direct me to a URL where it can be found.

In the unlikely event that we get more than one submission, the "winner" will be whichever one (i.e. whichever submission) that I like best. If I like two or more of them equally, both/all will "win." You can't get more subjective than that...

The "winner" will have their tan m&m graphic placed on the "Open Letter..." page, along with the "winner's" name (if he or she doesn't object to its being placed there). He or she will also receive eternal praise from me, and perhaps some sort of graphical award.

I am dead serious about all of this. Please submit something. And yes I know that this is a lame "contest," but I'm not apologizing.