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So, do you like the situation game?

If so, great! We're thrilled. If not, you can go now. We don't like you.

But if you do enjoy this site, maybe you could do something for us (because it should be obvious by now that we need all the help we can get). Just follow these four easy steps:

1. Email us. (We'd love to hear what you think of the site.)

2. [N. B.: The following was written when we were getting about zero to two hits per day, and were pretty desperate. We don't actually expect people to send this to their friends anymore. But I'm keeping the faux-ad up because I think it's sort of funny, and if you really want to you can still use it:]

Spread the word about the situation game. We made up this pseudo-advertisment for the situation game that you can email to anybody who you think won't be too frightened by the site. We suggest a subject line of "What is the Situation Game?" because it sounds nice and mysterious:


Do you tirelessly search for something new and interesting to do in your humdrum existence? Do you feel alienated and exploited in this increasingly lonely world?

Of course - we all do.

But The Situation Game may* change your life.

Go to (a.k.a. It is a game. It is also free. We wish only to make this accursed world a little happier and a little less lonely.

One hundred percent of the people who have played The Situation Game** recommend it fervently. At least, we assume that they would; we really didn't bother to ask any of them...

And don't forget to tell Julia and Jessica what you thought of The Situation Game.

If you like it, please email this message to your friends, your enemies, your acquaintances, and people you don't know at all but for some reason have their email addresses. Disseminate the wonderfulness.

* "may" indicates very low statistical probability

** approximately seven people

3. If you have a website and the motivation, you can link to us. I've made a couple of buttons that you can use for this purpose, one in classic deep blue and the other in lovely anarchist black and red:

The Situation Game

The Situation Game

4. Submit something. A situation you came up with, a new way to scare grocery store employees, whatever. Actually, we've been accepting submissions all along, we just never thought to tell anyone. Ha.

Thanks for your help!

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