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This is how to get to Madison:

-From I-94 go to I-90

-Take I-90 (or US 151) to Hwy 12 & 18

-Proceed north on PARK Street about 4 miles to JOHNSON Street, turn right. (my dorm is on Johnson Street)

-Proceed one block to LAKE Street, turn left. (You'll see a sign in front of a dorm that says "Witte Residence Hall.") At that intersection turn left.

-Now you're on LAKE street. after you pass the Burker King there should be a parking ramp that says like "State Street Parking Ramp" or something.

-So I think you can park there. Leave the parking on foot the same way you came in. Then turn left at the street (LAKE). Walk past the Burger King which will be open even though Walgreens is NOT. Cross the street (it should be UNIVERSITY AVENUE). Keep on walking. You should pass a building and then another parking ramp that says "Southeast Ramp" or something. Then you'll see that tall dorm again. It's my dorm. "Witte Residence Hall" at 615 W. Johnson St. It's on the corner. So you must cross the street. Maybe you'll see some kind of bridge thing past the newspaper vendor type of ordeal. So then by that bridge you should see two doors. and "Witte Residence Hall" painted in white above 'em. Enter. Since you are not a resident of Witte you probably won't be able to get in because you have no key. (Well it's possible that an actual resident will let you in with their key but then I live on the tenth floor of the A Tower and you need a key to access the elevators and stairs but you could wait by the elevator for someone and once they open the elevators all you have to say is "10 please" and give 'em a smile but yeah if I'm not in my room then you'll just be up there hanging out and my floor does not even have a Den goshdarnit becuz there are two chicos living there "temporarily.") That's okay!!!!? Then look to the left. You should see a yellow box w/ numbers that is a phone. Call up to my room so I can come down and get you. My # is 4-****. So hit the button and then dial 4-****. If I'm not there or whatever leave a message. Then you'll just have to call J----. You can call her because that phone is for all campus calls. Her number is 4-%%%%. But she lives at 'bourne which is about 5ish mins away. So she'll get you in 9ish minutes since the elevators in 'bourne WAY suck. If she's not there you can call Joel/Micah but keep in mind they live in the Lakeshore Dorms and probably won't get off their butts and walk over to Witte because that takes quite a long time. I'm assuming of course because I'm WAY lazy and have never made the trek to Bradley (their dorm) from Witte. Okay that should do it. See you maybe. Hey at least you have a car and can always drive back to EC if necessary.


UW-Madison is a flagship school, natch.