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After searching tirelessly for years, you finally meet a guy/girl (let's just say it's a guy, for simplicity's sake) who is perfect in every way. You could go on and on and on ad nauseam about how great he is and make all of your friends run screaming from the room because of your ceaseless chatter about his remarkable all-around superbness. But suffice it to say that you really really like him and that he really really likes you.

Well, yes, he's perfect in every way, except for one flaw: he has a strange and insatiable compulsion to purchase ice scrapers from Savers Thrift Department Store (which does stock unused ice scrapers, for some reason, in addition to used clothing, etc.). Yes, ice scrapers, those things that you use to remove encrusted ice/ snow/ sleet from your windshield in the winter. But this obsession of his with purchasing ice scrapers from Savers doesn't only come upon him in the winter, this is a year-round thing. He has to buy them in large quantities at least once per week (which, luckily isn't a large drain on the bank account, because they cost downwards of 40 cents ea.). And also, he takes at least one hour picking out the choice combination of scrapers. He especially likes finding the rare ones in special colors like Mermaid's Tail Blue-green or Freshly-Brushed Tongue Pink or the ominously-named type known only as Shiny.

Anyway, besides the obvious disadvantage of you having to stand around tapping your foot and looking at your watch and eventually resorting to striking up conversations with Savers employees and little girls who have just obtained object permanence and don't yet know not to talk to strangers, there are two other unfortunate issues that spring from your perfect guy's obsession: first, ice scrapers aren't in stock all year, for reasons that should be obvious, so there are all sorts of hassles with special orders and weird Savers "catalogues" during non-winter months, and second, he MUST buy them from Savers, so if you want to live somewhere that happens to not have a Savers nearby, you either have to make absurdly long day-trips or have the scrapers shipped in UPS or Federal Express or at the very least US Mail First Class.

So, as always, the situation is: would you stay with this otherwise radiantly perfect human being, or would a quirk this odd drive you insane?

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