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The Situations

The 80s High School Situation

The Grape Situation
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The Thirsty Man Situation
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The Starlite Mint Situation

The Immovable Couch Situation

The Throne of Cans Situation

The Starfish Tattoo Situation

The Care Bear Movie Situation

The Ice Scrapers Situation

The Sparkly Orbs Situation

The Struggling Actor Situation

The Vote Nader on Nov. 7th Situation

The Little Miss Lactose Intolerant Situation

Two Truly Twisted Situations

The Double Situation

Nonsituation Things

Inferiority Complex!

Social Experiment

Thirty Ways To Scare Grocery Store Employees

An Open Letter to the Mars Candy Co.

This Is How To Get To Madison

Fabricated Ironic Twist Endings to Mediocre 1980s Movies

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